Saturday, 8 October 2011


I dont really know how to do these sort of things but i realised today how great they are at showing people what you think and do in life without too much effort. When i told someone I was writing a blog they replied it would have to be about music right? So I guess my first blog will be a break down of everything that will be included in my blog when I remember to write them. To answer the question will it be about music... i am 100% sure that every new post I make will have a reference to music in it somewhere, but i don't think that it will the subject the entire time. Something that really annoys me or any musician is that people think our only world is music. Haha yes some people may take this as a shock but we like other things. I will have a lot of things to say about music but there will also be things about friendship, family, travel etc.
To describe my title of my blogs, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, i guess its a summary of how i will treat this blog. I dont think i could ever write an entry everyday and to add to that be interesting! so Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow is emphasising the randomness of my blog and life in general. Last night i went to a local show which spend $80,000 to produce it... thats massive and it was an amazing show! but what is the world coming to that a local theatre company has to pay that much just to put on a great show and entertain locals? If you have great talent and facilities, why does the situation of money have to limit the chances of making any profit for all the hard work and effort put into the show. I have no idea how much money is made through the local company but it would be a shame if the show ended up being at a loss of money because of so many costs of running it! which I'm sure it won't because it is fantastic! Another point on the randomness of money is I am trying to organise a concert for local people to perform and raise money for a charity and INSURANCE has been painful!!! The world is going insane! surely if you have 10 people who want to practice and are willing to sign a sheet to say they are responsible for their actions and any incidents which occur are their responsibility, it would be ok to rehearse in a space for an hr! but every place i have asked there has been as issue of insurance, asking me for, at the least $300 for a couple of hours! boo is what i say to that...
Anyway back onto what my blogs will be.... Another focus will be my family.. i know, i know 'how utterly boring' you are all thinking, but it wont be the usual mum did this and dad did this... just the quirky ways in which a family works and how they get along...
Travel will be something else i will touch on. In 47 days i will be venturing off with my neighbour to Ireland and England and more.... I'll have to brag so i will let everyone know about that on here :)
One more point (and there will probably be many more) in Friends... I honestly have always been someone who has just had friends and had a laugh but its only been recently that friends have meant a lot more to me than ever!
so i guess that will do for entry number one.... Hope people like it... if anyone reads it haha

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