Friday, 14 October 2011

Human Emotions

So, its been a while since i have written another blog since i started.....
Here goes....
I have had a few things that have happened in the last couple of days that make you question how and why people think the way they do........
One incidence was at work, when a lady rang up and felt the need to abuse my boo about a spelling mistake..(I work at a local paper) what right does she think she has.... as my boss said after the conversation with her... we have around 10,000000 words in our paper and there was 1 spelling mistake!!! seriously, how pathetic can one person get? she didn't focus on the positives of our paper, all the awesome articles of a happy nature, she focused on one thing... that a word was spelt wrong!

Brings me to another point of how different generations are! yes yes this is a boring topic, but its such a reality! Today at work i had a conversation with my boss about a concert i am organising and the audience i am aiming to get. He assumed it would be at the older 40-80yr olds, which in a way it would be, its a 2pm concert on a sunday. Fair enough older people would love to go to that then off to church or off to have their dinner and settle getting ready for monday morning. But in a way most of the performers are youth... so their friends come and their family, and bam! it becomes a show for all the generations. It then becomes hard for me the organiser to figure out what songs to choose and what performers go where?

Soooo back to my discussion with my boss, he mentioned "i still call australia home," as a tear jerker song for the audience, PEWK!! i cannot think of another song that is corney or overused as that song! but then it came to me that, its that generation! People in that generation see that song as a perfect ending to a concert, where as I see a good last song or tear jerker as something popular like Someone like you by adele or a famous rock song. Not a song about our nation and home. .....
I guess the conclusion to that is, all to their own, i don't think any concert would have an audience full of happy people, thinking that was the best ending song! or i loved all of that program.!
it just doesn't happen! people never ever think the same, i guess it just the human emotions all acting different.

I think that will do for the time being, sorry its a bit dull haha it will become better :)
till next time, Yestodtom :)

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